Saturday, September 25, 2010

'Gold' Part II: Gucci S/S 2011 Details

magpie tendencies: attracted to the agleam, burnished, gleaming, glossy, lustrous, polished, satiny, slick surfaces, details and textures.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Gold (pronounced /ˈɡoʊld/) is a chemical element with the symbol Au (from Latin: aurum, "shining dawn", hence adjective, aureate)

A selection of slides by Photographer Eliot Elisofon. This series of photographs were taken when Eliot Elisofon traveled to Africa from March 17, 1970 to July 17, 1970. (Photos taken from the Smithsonian Archive. For more information on each photo: I, II, III, IV.

Paramount Chief Nana Akyanfuo Akowuah Dateh II and regional chiefs, Kumasi, Ghana, 1970. This photograph depicts Asante Paramount Chief Nana Akyanfuo Akowuah Dateh II, regional chief Kwaku Addai (R) and the heir to Asafo stool (L). He was both Akwamuhene (chief of Akwamu, one of the early Akan kingdoms) and Asafohene (captain of an Asafo company, or a ceremonial head of a group of kinsmen).




Kyaman chiefs and notables, Anna village, Ivory Coast, 1972
The photograph depicts Ebrie (now Kyaman) dignitaries wearing prestige clothes and regalias. From left to right, seated: Alphonse Akre, sub-chief, Anna village. Blaise Ake Djoble, Anna village notable and party member. Jean-Baptiste Mobio, Adiopodoume village notable and party member. Standing: Maxime Ake Akossi, Anna village notable. Michel Afram, party representative, Anna. Marc Akouman, party delegate, Akouedo village. Barthelemy Akre, Chief of the Catholics, Anna. Katherine Ake Agouabe, daughter of notable, Anna. Francoise Dao Alouette, niece of Michel Afram. Alphonse Adja, Akouedo notable. Nicolas Tchapa Gouedan, Abatta village chief. "During the colonial period the French sought to consolidate their authority over the peoples of the south-eastern region by creating district and cantonal chiefs. Though untraditional, these offices have survived, and their occupants have increasingly sought to gain status by adopting Akan-style regalia (as have the few traditional paramount chiefs in the region)." [Timothy F. Garrard, 1989: Gold of Africa, Prestel]. This photograph was taken when Eliot Elisofon was on assignment for National Geographic and traveled to Africa from January 19, 1972 to mid April 1972.

Ornaments of a royal attendant at the Asantehene's court, Kumasi, Ghana. 1971