Friday, December 30, 2011

Rebel Magazine issue 4

Photography by Daniel Sannwald and styled by Rasharn Agyemang for the 4th issue of online magazine REBEL 2011. Re-bel4_OnlineFinal Re-bel4_OnlineFinal Re-bel4_OnlineFinal Re-bel4_OnlineFinal Re-bel4_OnlineFinal

view the online issue of REBEL here

Fibrous filaments: Ben Hassett photographs Magdalena Frackowiak for Vogue Germany 2012

Fibre, cord, thread, coiffure, filament, string, tendril, lock, mane, strand, thatch, tress, tuft, wig, wool.

'Wilde Wellen' Vogue Germany, January 2012 | Photography: Ben Hassett | Model: Magdalena Frackowiak | Styling: Beth Fenton
  Magdalena-Frackowiak-by-Ben-Hassett-(Wilde-Wellen---Vogue-Germany-January-2012)-7Magdalena-Frackowiak-by-Ben-Hassett-(Wilde-Wellen---Vogue-Germany-January-2012)-8 Magdalena-Frackowiak-by-Ben-Hassett-(Wilde-Wellen---Vogue-Germany-January-2012)-6 Magdalena-Frackowiak-by-Ben-Hassett-(Wilde-Wellen---Vogue-Germany-January-2012)-2 Magdalena-Frackowiak-by-Ben-Hassett-(Wilde-Wellen---Vogue-Germany-January-2012)-4 Magdalena-Frackowiak-by-Ben-Hassett-(Wilde-Wellen---Vogue-Germany-January-2012)-5-(1) sourced via Fashion|mode|photography

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Carola Remer by Ben Hassett for Vogue Germany December 2011

Magazine: Vogue Germany, Issue: December 2011, Editorial: Hart & Zart, Photographer: Ben Hassett, Model: Carola Remer, Stylist: Julia von Boehm
Acarolaremerbybenhassett-(12) A-carolaremerbybenhassett-(13) carola-remer-by-ben-hassett-hart-zart-vogue-germany-december-2011 Acarolaremerbybenhassett-(8) carolaremerbybenhassett-(2) carolaremerbybenhassettmca carolaremerbybenhassett (6) carolaremerbybenhassett (1) carolaremerbybenhassett (13) carolaremerbybenhassett (12) carolaremerbybenhassett (11) carolaremerbybenhassett (8) carolaremerbybenhassett Sourced via The Luxe Heritage

Monday, December 26, 2011

Seamus Murphy

Photographer Seamus Murphy (born 1959) grew up in Ireland and lives in London.

Seamus Murphy 'Providence' Seamus Murphy 'Providence' Seamus Murphy 'Providence'

 Seamus Murphy 'East of the Sun'
East of the Sun

Seamus Murphy 'Gods Country' Seamus Murphy 'Gods Country'Gods Country

Seamus Murphy 'Shambhaia' Seamus Murphy 'Shambhaia'Seamus Murphy 'Shambhaia'

Seamus Murphy 'Maximum City' Seamus Murphy 'Maximum City'
Maximum City 

Seamus Murphy 'Feather weight' Seamus Murphy 'Feather weight'
Feather weight

Seamus Murphy 'Syria' Seamus Murphy 'Syria'

Originally discovered Murphy's work here

Saturday, December 24, 2011

"L' amour fou" (2010), directed by Pierre Thoretton

I'm intrigued by the infamous mystery and purported secretiveness surrounding Yves Saint Laurent, and am thus rather keen to see L' amour fou directed by Pierre Thoretton. This snippet from the film (below) shares a rare interview which captures Saint Laurent as I've never seen him before; he's jocular and cheeky, jubilantly joking, not at all the nervous, anxious interviewee he's been refereed to in the past. This particular interview with Yves' mix of honest, flippant, and elegant one-word answers highlights the simple and fascinating quality of translated subtitles accompanying a foreign spoken word. Even if most of Yves' clear-cut French answers are obvious: 'le Joie'; 'le charme'; I'm grateful for the English translation below. Yves's French accent and enunciation and the (somewhat) banal English word translation (words which somehow seem almost banal in comparison to their French equivalents) this somehow renders the interview to be quite charming to watch.

"L' amour fou" (2010), directed by Pierre Thoretton from sleek magazine on Vimeo.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Each set of explosions was calculated to paint a different picture

This youtube clip documents (terribly) the (thundering) opening of the Arab Museum of Modern Art in Doha, Qatar, where Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang put a large "explosion event". The display is controlled by microchip-explosives which are programmed to create the volatile and exciting stormy, powder-splatters in the shapes of pyramids, rainbows and the like. Rather more exciting than nocturnal fireworks.

qatar-biggest-firework-world-record-2011-olympics-series-Chinese-artist-Cai-Guo-Qiang-doha-aljazzera-news-event-pic-image-Youtube-Kuwait Screen-shot-2011-12-18-at-10.58.9 Screen-shot-2011-12-18-at-10.58 Screen-shot-2011-12-18-at-10.59kk Screen-shot-2011-12-18-at-10.59.07 Screen-shot-2011-12-18-at-10.5 Screen-shot-2011-12-18-at-10.59888 qatar-biggest-firework-world-record-2011-olympics-series-Chinese-artist-Cai-Guo-Qiang-doha-aljazzera-news-event-pic-image-Youtube Screen-shot-2011-12-18-at-10.5899 Screen-shot-2011-12-18-at-10.5800 Screen-shot-2011-12-18-at-10.58.0 Screen-shot-2011-12-18-at-10.580 Screen-shot-2011-12-18-at-10.59.16