Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Animals and War

Members of the 2/48th Battalion, 9th Australian Division, with a pet dog, after evacuation from Tobruk, Egypt on the ship Kingston. 1941
Pte. D.W. Jones of Carlton N.S.W. and "C" company the 2/33 battalion. One of the men responsible for running the donkey team supply column to the scattered units in Khiam, 1941
'Ferdie', the Pygmy Flying Phalanger, is on active service with a famous RAAF Spitfire squadron in Morotai. He belongs to Flying Officer (FO) Robert Addison of Elwood, Vic, who brought him from Bathurst Island. 'Ferdie' spent a wild youth, but now is a reformed character. When he reached larrikin stage, he acquired a taste for beer and could drink a long tablespoon with any squirrel, but at aerobatics, his judgment went to pieces after twenty minutes intermittent drinking, he even fell into a full glass of beer. After that not a drop of liquor passed his lips. As one of the squadron's mascots, the teetotal possum met with a lot of competition. Among his rivals were fifteen dogs, a cat, another possum and a rooster.
Staff Sergeant Major Morgan and dog, and Private Francis Edmund Bilton, 5th Battalion. Note the cat curled up asleep in the corner. Circa 1915

Aboard HMAS Sydney are two ships mascots who don't agree: Able Seaman J. T. Walker with his pup "Shrapnel" and Able Seaman Gamble with his cat "Salvo", 1940.

The feline mascot of the light cruiser HMAS Encounter, peering from the muzzle of a 6 inch gun. WWI

Sergeant Eric Campbell Lawther, of Hurlstone Park, NSW, 1st Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment), says goodbye to veteran mine dog, Dean, in Korea, 1956.

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