Tuesday, May 24, 2011

NASA Expedition landings

Aerial photographs by NASA of various expedition capsule landings in Kazakhstan. Expedition 21 (March 2010), Expedition 24 (September 2010), Expedition 20 (October 2009) and Expedition 18 (April 2009).

For high-resolution versions see the original set by NASA HQ on flickr

Soyuz TMA-16 Lands (201003180001HQ) (explored)
Expedition 24 Soyuz Landing detail
Expedition 24 Soyuz Landing (201009250001HQ) (explored)
Expedition 20 Landing (200910110001HQ) (explored)
Expedition 20 Landing (200910110011HQ) (explored)
Expedition 18 Lands (200904080001HQ) (explored)

Expedition 20 Landing (200910110003HQ) (explored)

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