Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'm somewhat cautious whilst bending down to pick up small change on the street incase it has been purposefully super-glued there.

Detail shots of the coin from the 2012 Theysken's Theory pre-spring show in New York. Stunning photography by Julien Claessens. Times like this when one wonders if they're the only person to notice a particular detail.

theyskenstheory_002 theyskenstheory_005 theyskenstheory_023-1 theyskenstheory_012 theyskenstheory_037-1 theyskenstheory_011 theyskenstheory_029 theyskenstheory_006 theyskenstheory_021 theyskenstheory_017 theyskenstheory_008 theyskenstheory_030 theyskenstheory_009 theyskenstheory_007

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