Thursday, July 4, 2013

Valentino Haute Couture Fall 2014

Empire line, sweetheart necklines, dipped back gowns of heavy damask silk and spiderweb lace. Bubbling pearl sea foam and encrusted beaded arterial coral, embroidered full length bed jackets spliced with applique, fur and gold foil. Brocade, ermine, velvet, boiled wool, tweed, latticework lace. Conté sketches and seemingly heavy upholstery brocades rendered entirely in miniature beads.
  00470h_2013070400064100450h_20130704000649 00070h_20130704000550 00510h_20130704000659 00570h_20130704000713 00660h_20130704000727 00010h_20130704000535 00780h_20130704000808 01270h_20130704000902 00940h_20130704000801 00750h_20130704000724 00760h_20130704000748 00570h_20130704005120 01460h_20130704000926 00890h_20130704000740 01420h_20130704000928 01470h_20130704000937 00580h_20130704005110 01050h_20130704000824 01390h_20130704000918 00560h_20130704005111 01200h_20130704000900 01150h_20130704000852 00400h_20130704000651 00550h_20130704005120

Yet another achingly beautiful, angelic, princess fairy tale collection from Valentino. 

Images from the wonderful

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