Thursday, May 17, 2012

'Sheep View'

'Sheep View' is a blog which consists of rather interesting screenshots of flocks of sheep spotted on Google Street View. Captioned 'JOURNEYS THROUGH AN OVINE WASTELAND' the last post appears to have been from 2010. Perhaps most curious are the captions the screenshot collecter (whose pen-name is Birches) has given the images. Below is a selection of these screenshots and the author's own captions:

Arnéguy-lone-sheep-1 Arnéguy-stand-off 4: 50 pm: A standoff. Momentary tension as hooves steady to position in the bony soil. The flock disperses. Silent knowledge held only between brothers. Arnéguy-sheep-fleeing! Arnéguy-4 Arnéguy-3 5:40 pm: The party has retreated to evening pastures, leaving me alone in threadbare clothes and skin flushed red from exposure. Good Lord, but I am thankful for Spring's final arrival in Estérençuby.

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